This is your invitation to slow down. 

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We are so glad you are here! It’s hard to prioritize time and space for wellbeing as a caregiver and we can help you.

We know how challenging it can be to pause and relax, to rest and renew. And yet, it’s necessary for being calm and for learning and reflection to take place. We all need some calm for information to become knowledge and, in time and practice, to then to become wisdom. It will be your wisdom as a caregiver that guides you in your most stressful and difficult moments and circumstances. It will be your wisdom – along with healthy habits and CALM skills – to guide you in making more self-care decisions in times when things are relatively stable, and every day, keeping yourself well, prepared, and resilient.  

The quality of your self-care impacts the quality of your life, relationships, and caregiving. And just like any good relationship, you will want to take care of it and hopefully look forward to coming back for more. Learning about ourselves can be enjoyable and it’s also emotional and fortifying to know we are not alone. 

So the design of this CALM site is meant to be inviting and encouraging. It is designed for small “bites” and for the content to have a chance to be explored in your day to day life. Ideally, you would complete one module a week or a month – which is the case with the live program, Catching Your Breath, from which this content has been inspired – along with caregiver experience and feedback. 

You likely have a full and busy life and it will take time to slowly and intentionally create a new space for CALM. We hope this site, the resources, and continuous learning and connection here can support you in all you do. The content on this site and the time you invest here are designed to enhance other areas of your life as well. How you care for yourself impacts everything you do. How you care for yourself takes time and begins a habit that you will likely need to revisit and restart, over and over again.

The content here will change, as will how you experience the content as your life and caregiving context also changes.  It is our hope that you will revisit and explore this content throughout your caregiving experience which will likely span many years.  

Setting Up Your Free Account

We require you to set up an account in order for you to be able to track your own progress and to protect the notes you might take on the site as you work through each session. Once you set up your account, you will be able to access all of the sessions.

What’s Included in Each Session?

New sessions will be added monthly and returning for new content will also give you the opportunity to check-in on your notes, personal reminders and revisit material. Unlike traditional learning programs where there is a clear end point, we encourage you to return to the content, reflections and meditations as a way of deepening understanding, tracking your growth, and noticing where you may need more support as your care partnering evolves.

Below is an outline of what each session will look like once you have created a free account. Each session consists of objectives, podcasts and meditations, videos, PDFs, book and article suggestions, suggested programs and organizations, and a note taking section for you. Take a look below to explore what a session will look like.



Here we will include meditations and other podcasts related to the session. Take a look at some audio clips from care partners who have participated in our wellness programming below.


Here we will include videos from professionals and other caregivers outlining content and fostering discussion around that content.


Here we will include suggested books, PDF readings and worksheets, and other articles related to the sessions theme to help expand your understanding of that session. You can download, save, and print each of these PDFs if you would like to keep a hard copy version. Take a look below at some handouts outlining the complexities of caregiving.


Here we will include descriptions and links to other programs that may be of interest to you in connecting with others and focusing on your wellbeing as a care partner.

Additional Resources

At the top of the site you will also see tabs for Meditations and Resources. Though the site is focused on your wellbeing, as the caregiver, we recognize you will also need additional support and direction toward resources at various times. We hope to help you connect to the right place when you are ready.  Please explore our meditation archive and the resources and make note of questions and any items which may be useful to you now and in the future.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so we have limited the number of links and books to include the resources we use the most and those recommended by the caregivers we know and trust.

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