Below you will find each of the CALM sessions listed in order. Please begin with the Welcome to CALM session to understand more about what CALM is and then work your way through the rest of the sessions in order.

Welcome to CALM

This session provides an overview of what CALM is and what we hope you will get out of CALM.

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How to Use This Site – CALM(ly)

This session provides an overview of what each CALM session will look like and how to best use the site for your wellness needs.

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Moment by Moment

This session is an introduction to mindfulness practice for family caregivers.

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The Beauty of Boundaries

This session explores personal perspectives on boundary setting and introduces the metaphor of the Spoon Theory as it relates to the experience of caregiving.

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Roots of Resilience

This session is an exploration of resiliency and the conditions and practices which support its cultivation.

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Having G.U.T.S.

This session explores some of the practices of self-compassion.

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Living Grief

This session explores the range of grief experiences and the importance of including the presence of change and loss in on-going wellness practice. 

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Difficult Decisions

This session focuses on difficult decisions in dementia care.

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What I Wish I’d Known Earlier

This session is a space for wisdom sharing through the voices of other caregiver experiences which may fortify you as you consider your needs and wellbeing and approach difficult decisions.

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One Thing at a Time

This session explores pace, expectations and how interactions, behavior and mood are impacted by perceptions of time. 

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New Sessions to Come….